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We Provide 100% BPA Free Composite Fillings

Many of us love the attractive nature that white composite fillings and other non-metal fillings provide over traditional amalgam metal fillings, however most of us are not aware that these more aesthetically pleasing options are likely to contain a chemical known as Bisphenol A, or BPA for short.

BPA Free Fillings - Holistic Dentist Newbury Park

BPA is a controversial chemical found in plastics that has been related to health illness. Just as mercury fillings leak trace amounts of mercury over time into the bloodstream, scientists have managed to find oral enzymes that leak BPA into the bloodstream from composite dental fillings.

Some people replace their amalgam mercury fillings with newer white composite fillings, but what purpose does this serve if the composite fillings contain BPA?

Learn more about mercury amalgam filling removal.

Safety is important. This is why our holistic and biological dentist, Dr. Villarreal, believes in truly holistic dental treatment that does not involve the use of any controversial chemicals such as BPA or mercury.

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BPA Free Composite Fillings - Safest Alternative

BPA free white composite fillings are the best and safest alternative dental treatment to traditional silver, amalgam fillings. Health-conscious patients can expect to be treated with only the safest ingredients and techniques that factor in more than just a nice smile; it’s about mind, body, and soul as well.

We use specifically designed test kits to test dental materials against a patient's blood serum for additional safety measures and accuracy.

Benefits of BPA Free Composite Fillings:
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