Mercury Filling Removal and Mercury-Safe Protocol

Mercury doesn’t belong in your mouth.

As part of our ongoing commitment to upholding best practices in dental care, we offer our patients the safe removal of mercury. In fact, when it comes to mercury removal, Westlake Village patients, along with our patients in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and other Ventura County communities, have made BioDental Healing their preferred choice. We consider it a privilege to provide our local clients with the highest standards of modern dentistry.

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Qualified Mercury Filling Removal Professionals

Our biological dental team in Newbury Park is uniquely qualified to use the latest equipment, the most advanced techniques, and the safest protocol for removal of mercury. We’re proud to know that our work protects both your health and the environment. In collaboration with our or your naturopathic physician, we work with you to resolve such health issues as the presence of mercury and heavy metals, and to address other challenges to your dental health. We have been practicing mercury-free, mercury-safe dentistry for over 20 years, and our patients come to us from all over the U.S. and around the world.

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Experience life without the added physical burden of unsafe metals. Please visit our state of the art facility in Newbury Park, and let’s discuss how we can safely remove this toxic material from your body. Find out why we’re the experts in mercury removal that Westlake Village and other Conejo Valley communities rely on.

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-Dr. David Villarreal
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