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Conscious Sedation Dentist Near Me

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Conscious sedation is exactly as it sounds: a sedative used to relax you, but you’re still conscious of what’s going on around you – including verbal cues which are important for communication with our dentist, Dr. David Villarreal.

The medicine used to relax you is administered either orally or through the use of a controlled IV (i.e. through a vein). Most people generally refer to have it administered orally, but IV conscious sedation offers more control.

When is Conscious Sedation Used?

Conscious sedation is a very safe and effective procedure and is an excellent option for:

  • Those who develop anxiety from the dentist.
  • Amalgam filling removal – upon request.
  • Minor surgical procedures such as dental implants.

If you are interested in using conscious sedation during your next appointment or want to learn more, then promptly give our office a call @ (805) 375-2233 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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