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How To Remove Metal Filling (Amalgam) Safely

Don’t live with constant worry about the effects of mercury amalgam. Safe metal filling removal is imperative for preserving the health of both patients and practitioners! Also known as silver amalgam, mercury amalgam fillings are made up of almost 50% mercury—one of the most toxic substances known to man. Mercury vapors seep from these fillings 24 hours a day. The act of chewing triggers the release of even more of these toxic fumes.

You don’t have to live like this—in fact, it’s essential that you don’t. The removal of mercury fillings, or amalgam, and other toxic metals from your mouth can reduce your chronic exposure to mercury vapor.

It also prevents exposure to the electrical currents that are created whenever the various metals in fillings and crowns make contact inside your mouth. There is growing agreement that these currents are potentially harmful, since they block the meridians and the bio-energetic fields of your body.

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