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Replace Missing Teeth with Removable Partial Dentures in Newbury Park

Removable Partial Dentures

Dr. Villarreal offers a metal-free alternative to replacing missing teeth: removable partial dentures. Partial dentures are a great alternative because they consist of pink or gum-colored plastic bases with no use of metals because at BioDental Healing we do not believe any type of metal belongs in the mouth.

Partial dentures consist of a gum-colored base and natural looking precision attachments or connectors that hold your dentures in place. A dental crown may need to be placed in order to improve the fit of your partial dentures.

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Some Important Information on Removable Partial Dentures

Dr. Villarreal will work with you to develop a customized set of removable partial dentures that you’ll be pleased with. However, there are some important pieces of information to be aware of:

  • Follow all instructions given to you by Dr. Villarreal after your procedure is completed.
  • Never force the partial denture into position by biting down – this could bend or break the clasps used to hold them in place.
  • Partial dentures will be uncomfortable at first as your mouth adjusts, but overtime will not be bothersome.
  • If at all your dentures are applying too much pressure to one area to the point where the area becomes sore, then you will need to have them re-adjusted for a more comfortable fit.
  • Start out eating soft foods with your dentures to prevent unnecessary damage from occurring. Also, practice chewing on both sides of your mouth to evenly distribute the pressure.
  • Avoid hard foods and sticky foods such as ice or gum.
  • You may run into difficulty with speech, this is normal and part of the initial adjustment process.
  • Follow all instructions on denture maintenance set out by Dr. Villarreal in order to keep them in pristine, functional condition at all times.

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