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Dental Implants
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Dental Implants in Newbury Park & Conejo Valley | BioDental Healing

Dental implant crowns are one of the most common dental restorations in Newbury Park serving the Conejo Valley. Properly placed full resin-based composite crowns encase the entire surface of a damaged tooth to restore its original size, shape, and beauty. They also protect and strengthen damaged teeth that cannot be repaired with other types of restorations such as fillings, prolonging their life.

Some of the indications for placement of crowns include:

1. Cracked tooth

A severely cracked tooth can cause unprovoked tooth pain, a sharp pain when chewing in a certain way, or sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. This problem can be easily corrected with a simple crown placement or onlay.

2. Asymptomatic tooth cracks

It is hard to identify a crack in your tooth as it may not have any symptoms yet. But during a dental visit, your dentist should be able to notice any cracks. Whether or not you need a crown placement depends on the location and severity of the crack. Vertical cracks seldom lead to tooth breakage, but horizontal cracks and internal cracks – arising from a previously placed restoration - dramatically increase the risk of the tooth breaking off. The tooth should be strengthened with a crown.

3. Broken cusps

Broken cusps from either a damaged or previously restored tooth tend to extend vertically towards the bone, leaving minimal tooth structure to support a restoration. In severe cases, the dental pulp may be exposed, requiring the need for endodontic treatment. Either way, your dentist may recommend crown lengthening to allow for future optimal gingival health.

4. Previously placed restorations

When a previously bonded or filled teeth gets damaged again, the remaining tooth structure gets much weaker than before. A full crown or onlay to cover the tooth cusps can help to strengthen the tooth and prevent further damage. Full crown placement is also recommended following root canal therapy to strengthen the tooth and conceal the filling material for a seamless smile.

Final Note

The most common reason for crown placement today is esthetic upgrading. People want their teeth to appear “normal”, with an even color and shape, which can only be achieved with a crown or veneer placement. So crown placement can be used to promote both function and esthetic appearance.

Dr. David Villarreal does NOT surgically place dental implants he restores the implant crown AFTER an oral surgeon surgically places the implant. 

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