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Holistic Dentistry
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Holistic dentistry is the process of approaching dentistry not just in terms of dental health, but of the overall health of the mind, body and spirit. As a leading holistic dentist, we see patients from all around the world, such as Canada, South Africa, Scotland, and other US States and all over California. Our practice focuses on the overall health of the patient, not just the teeth. We pride ourselves in using the up-most regimen in the environment's protection.

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BioDental Healing

“We Educate You About Your Overall Health”

- Dr. David Villarreal
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As a leading holistic dentist, BioDental Healing happily serves patients in all of Ventura County, including Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Camarillo. We practice a type of unconventional dentistry that focuses on the overall health of the patient, not just the teeth. We avoid amalgam which contains mercury and other metals in fillings that are seen by many to be toxic.

The Holistic Dental Association focuses on several tenants which we strive to uphold in our practice at BioDental Healing.

  • Focus on nutrition to prevent various types of dental disease.
  • Avoiding the use of toxic dental materials that can potentially harm patients.
  • Treatment of bite issues or alignment problems.
  • Treatment of gum disease holistically in the context of the body's overall health.

If you are interested in holistic dentistry, give BioDental Healing a call today. We would be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your overall dental health.

Our Mission

We believe our job is to help you achieve your best physical, dental and emotional health as safely as possible and in as short a time period as possible. We offer conscious sedation and auxiliary treatments as part of our protocol to help achieve your optimal health.

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