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The Relationship Between Teeth & Vital Organs

Did you know there is a connection and relationship between your teeth to various organs, tissues and glands in your body? CLICK on the Teeth in the chart below to learn more!

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The Elements of Mercury Safe Protocol

Vitamin C

Intravenous Vitamin C is highly recommended for two reasons. First, Vitamin C acts as a mild chelate; that is, it helps remove mercury and other heavy metals from the bloodstream.

Secondly, it helps maintain of the body’s level of glutathione. By contrast, oral Vitamin C cannot be taken in high enough amounts to be effective, but what it can do is inhibit the action of the local anesthetic.

Rubber Dam

We utilize & situate a rubber dam in the mouth to isolate the teeth that are being worked on, and to prevent particles from entering the soft tissue of the mouth.

Air Suction

We utilize dental air vacuum suction throughout the procedure, with the nozzle positioned right by your mouth during removal. This creates a strong pull of air away from you, the doctor, and the assistant.

We also apply air vacuum suction behind the rubber dam to absorb any mercury gases that pass through the dam.


We provide a steady stream of oxygen for the patient with a barrier placed over the nose to eliminate the possibility of breathing in mercury vapor.

Full Body Protection

We completely drape the body and provide protective eyewear for the patient to prevent toxic materials from harming our patients


We utilize a mercury vapor ionizer to electrically neutralize the mercury gases in the air. Ionizers in every dental operatory room also aid in removing free radicals in the air.

Distilled Water

Combining high-speed removal of amalgam with copious amounts of distilled water and suction help keep mercury vapor to a minimum.

Ozone Therapy

Before placement of your new filling, we disinfect the entire tooth with ozone.

Environmental Protection

We have installed Solometex Hg5 in our plumbing system, which is an amalgam separator to protect our oceans and local water system.

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