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COVID-19 Dental Office Protocols

To our valued patients: Your safety is our highest priority. We are taking precautions and have established the following in-office protocols to provide the safest and most effective care for our patients.

It is important for you to read this entire page - scroll down - if you have a scheduled appointment or plan to visit over the next several months.

  • All staff and patients are always required to wear masks.
  • We consistently maintaining vigilance and are only allowing 1-2 patients in the office at a time. We kindly ask to leave your family members, children, spouses at home during your dental appointment.
  • Options to bypass the waiting room for appointments are available and offered to all patients. Simply call from your vehicle and ask if we are ready for you.
  • Equipment and exam rooms are cleaned between every patient, as it always has, with medically recommended cleaners/disinfectants.
  • High-traffic, public areas are cleaned multiple times a day. Restroom keys, pens, and front desk counter tops are wiped down after every single patient.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available for all patients.
  • Sinks are available to wash hands for all patients and staff.
  • Fascial tissues and trash bins are available in the waiting area.
  • At this time, please prevent from giving us cash. We continue to accept all credit cards.
  • Phone consultations are available with Dr. David Villarreal.
  • Every staff member and patient will have his/her temperature taken before we accept them through the office threshold.
  • Every patient is asked to gargle with ozonated water before and doctor’s mouth rinse after every procedure.
Thank you for partnering with us to protect our patients and our staff.

Prior to Appointment

  • Please inform us PRIOR to arrival if you or anyone in your household are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms in the last 3 weeks. Symptoms include but are not limited to fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell and stomach upset. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment. Please expect our staff to ask questions and screen appointments.
  • To expedite your time in the office and avoid physical contact, you are welcome to pre-pay over the telephone. We accept all credit cards. New patients, paperwork is available to download on our website and it will be emailed prior to your visit. To prevent everyone from touching and handling paperwork, you are welcome to email the completed new patient forms at
  • All patients entering the office will have temperatures taken and will be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands. Sinks are available for your use.

During Appointment

  • We will be reducing the number of patients in our office to allow adequate social distancing. We kindly ask for you NOT to bring a guest to your dental appointment. It is important to keep your appointment since the time scheduled is specifically for you. We are not double booking. Missed or late appointments will not be able to be able to be rescheduled for 3 weeks and are subject to a $75.00 fee.
  • The office environment will have a humming sound for we will have ionizers, vacuums, and air purifiers running.
  • As recommended, all staff will be wearing protective face mask in the office. We do not request for you to wear a mask since dental treatment and/or examination will be performed.
  • To prevent any cross-contamination, we will keep the waiting room free from magazines, books, water, or tea. Our staff will disinfect all patient areas thoroughly after EVERY patient’s visit.
  • We recommend that you avoid an appointment seeking only routine care if you are a high-risk patient with a compromised immune system.
  • To minimize the number of people in the office we ask for patients to come to the appointment alone.
  • We ask for all patients to arrive at their appointment ON TIME so we can limit the number of patients in the office.
  • Drop-in visits to purchase toothpaste and mouth rinse are discouraged. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please call before coming in to give you a time.
  • As always, each room will be thoroughly sterilized, and protective coverings established to help prevent potential patient cross-contaminations.
  • Every patient will be asked to gargle with ozonated water before and doctor’s mouth rinse after every procedure.
  • Every patient will have their temperature taken. If a fever is detected, we will kindly ask you to reschedule your dental appointment.
Our highest priority is the safety of our patients. We appreciate you and the trust you have placed in our dental practice. Please note that these are the changes that we have instituted to help keep you safe. Your cooperation is vital in making sure that everyone is protected.

We all have loved ones that may be vulnerable. Our staff and I have known personal tragedies due to this pandemic and ask all to be respectful of the health of others. For the safety of all, we will turn away any patients refusing to comply with these changes. While we are in the business of service, at these crucial times, safety and health supersedes convenience. Hope to see you soon.

Wishing you the best of health,
David Villarreal, DDS & BioDental Healing Team

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