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Root Cause – Health Impacts of Root Canals

root cause

Root Cause is one man’s journey of self-discovery and subsequent attempt to prove that a long-accepted safe root canal procedure might have health impacts. As a leader in biological dentistry, BioDental Healing acknowledges the link between the body and oral health.

The documentary opens the door to discuss the connection and reevaluate common dental practices to ensure that we are providing patients with the best care possible. This connection is why Dr. Villarreal embraces modern methods drawn from multiple, time-tested traditions of natural healing that can be applied to improve general health and wellbeing. Watch the documentary for yourself and open discussions about how dentistry can be a place of natural treatment for your whole body.

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Best Dentist in Conejo Valley

We live in a big world, and many times we only have a moment to connect with one another. Every community has their best in each industry, and if you live in Conejo Valley, then you’ll want to work with the best dentist in Conejo Valley. Surveys suggest that about half of the adult population believes that a smile is the most memorable feature in a first-time meeting. At a distant second is the first words spoken by the person (25%), followed by the person’s clothes (9%).  

best dentist in Conejo Valley

Indeed, nothing comes close to the impact that a great smile can make. And finding the right dentist to perform routine cleaning and dental exams or fix a dental or oral health issue can help you maintain the optimal health and function of your mouth.

Finding the best dentist in Conejo Valley

Choosing a new dentist is an important decision for you and your family. You’re entrusting care for a major part of your overall well being to a dental professional you have never dealt with before. Most people depend on recommendations from other primary care providers, family members, or friends when considering their options for dental care.

But the needs/wants of other people may not necessarily match yours. To find the best match for you, here are a few things to consider:

  • First, you need to come up with a basic criteria for your ideal dental care provider. Typically, most people want a dentist who’s close to their home, children’s school, or workplace to make it easier to keep appointments.
  • Second, you need to consider any family members with special needs. For instance, you may want a dentist who specializes in infants, kids, and teens, or one whose office is easily accessible for a handicapped patient.
  • Third, you may need to consider any certifications, licenses, or memberships that help to ensure standards of quality. This will give you peace of mind that you are working with a dental professional who is focused on continual improvement, and follows the accepted standards for safety and hygiene.


Lastly, you should take your time to make careful observations of the practice and ask important questions to help you choose the best dentist who will serve your needs to your satisfaction. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are in capable hands that will help to enhance their oral health and maintain their beautiful smiles. The best dentist in Conejo Valley is the one that best fits your personal dental needs, while also satisfying the necessary professional credentials. 

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Women with Diabetes Face Greater Oral Cancer Risk

As a biological dental practice, we at Biodental believe that knowledge is key. We aim to keep our patients and practice informed on the potential risks that affect not only their oral health, but their whole body health. In this article, we will outline why women with diabetes are at a higher risk for oral cancer, and what can be done about it.

According to a recent study, women with diabetes are at a 13% higher risk of developing oral cancer, and a whopping 27% increased risk of developing any type of cancer. The second leading cause of death worldwide is cancer, a disease that’s claimed as many as 8.7 million deaths in 2015. Another disease that has afflicted the global population on a large scale is diabetes. In 2015, as many as 415 million adults were known to have diabetes, with 5 million deaths in that year being attributable to that disease.

Researchers project that incidences of cancer and diabetes are likely to both increase in the future, emphasizing the need to make prevention and treatment options more readily available.

Women with Diabetes Face Greater Oral Cancer Risk

“This could be a very significant piece of research, and one that could help to save lives. Diabetes has previously been linked to poor oral health, but this new research shows a specific link to mouth cancer,” said Dr. Nigel Carter, OBE, the chief executive officer of the Oral Health Foundation. “More people lose their lives to mouth cancer every year in Britain than from cervical and testicular cancer combined. Without early detection, the five-year survival rate for mouth cancer is only 50%. But if it is caught early, survival rates can dramatically improve to up to 90%, as well as the quality of life for survivors being significantly increased,” Carter said.

How To Mitigate: Women With Diabetes And A Higher Risk Of Oral Cancer

Keep those regular dental appointments, and make sure that you are screened for oral cancer. If you are a woman with diabetes, be aware of the signs of oral cancer.

Signs Of Oral Cancer:

  • Ulcers that do not heal within 3 weeks
  • Red or white patches
  • Unusual lumps or swellings in the head or neck area

If you are interested in biological dentistry, give BioDental Healing a call today. We would be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your overall dental health. Call (805) 375-2233 for help scheduling an appointment today!


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Newbury Park Dentist David Villarreal & Gentle Dentistry 

Good oral hygiene combined with regular dental exams is the best strategy to protect your teeth and smile. By visiting your dentist every six months, any problems can be identified in their early stages and addressed, long before they become painful, uncomfortable, and expensive. Some people find it difficult to make their dental appointments, due to fear of discomfort in the dental office or fear of a painful procedure. At Biodental Healing, we specialize in gentle dentistry so you don’t have to worry about discomfort or pain.

Dr. Villarreal is conservative in his approach to your dental health and smile makeovers. In other words, he focuses on dental approaches that help you preserve your natural teeth, and only performs procedures that are absolutely necessary. The cleanings are thorough and gentle, and new patients can enjoy an affordable package that includes a dental exam, x-rays, and cleaning.

Your First Visit & Gentle Dentistry

gentle dentistry
From the moment you first walk through your preferred dental practice, you expect to be greeted by a friendly and compassionate team, in a warm environment that helps put our mind at ease, despite the pain, discomfort, or anxiety caused by your dental problem.

Newbury Park dentist David Villarreal is the professional you want to be waiting to see. During your visit, you will have an opportunity to discuss the health of your teeth and mouth and available modern dental techniques, and get all your questions answered so you can better decide the right procedure for your case. The objective is to help you achieve optimal oral health, and get the smile of your dreams from a dental team you can trust.

Gentle and Caring
We believe that good oral health is vital for both your appearance and overall well-being. That is why we combine professionalism and affordability, so good care is available to all in Newbury Park. Of course, every individual case is different, and the cost of treatment will vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and the time it takes to complete the work.

Whether it’s been six months or you’ve not been to the dentist in years, we believe that it’s never too late for anyone to improve their dental health and smile. A professional and compassionate dental team helps you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease during your visits, checkups, and even treatments.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve a healthier, happier smile.

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Dentist in Thousand Oaks

With more studies revealing that toxins and infections in the oral cavity can contribute to illnesses and conditions affecting other parts of your body, some dental professionals have set themselves apart to focus on solving dental problems using natural, non-toxic, and minimally invasive approaches to avoid any side effects on your general health.

These biological dentists use different approaches to prevent, diagnose, and treat oral conditions. While traditional dentists focus on treating the symptom or problem directly with no regard of how the treatment affects other parts of your body, biological dentists attempt to identify the root cause of the problem, and create a treatment plan that improves both your oral and overall health.

Biological dentists believe that dental therapies should be designed to complement the body’s natural immune and healing system. Each treatment plan is customized for the individual patient’s body to optimize health, comfort, and wellbeing in the long-term.

Some common approaches of biological dentistry include:

  • Mercury, amalgam, nickel, and other heavy metal-free dentistry
  • Safe amalgam fillings removal – extra precautions to minimize and get rid of mercury vapor during the process
  • Biocompatibility testing of all dental materials before treatment – individuals vary in their immunological and biochemical responses
  • Latex-free dentistry – for patients who are allergic to latex dental items such as gloves and cups
  • Homeopathy services after exposure to radiation or use of anesthetics
  • Fragrance-free office to cater for patients with environmental sensitivities
  • Fluoride-free dentistry
  • Nutritional support to promote biological detoxification and wound healing

Compared to the old days when the only available dental restorative materials were metals such as gold and amalgam, and denture teeth for cosmetic treatments, dentistry has come a long way to take into account biological compatibility when administering treatment.

Top-Rated Certified Biological Dentist in Thousand Oaks, CA

Biological dentists use less toxic, minimally invasive, eco-friendly, and more individualized approaches to dental treatment. There are many dental materials and treatment techniques to suit each individual, and ultimately provide a solution that boosts both your oral and overall health.

Biological Dentist in Thousand Oaks

Working with a biological dentist in Thousand Oaks is a great way to deal with dental problems and related medical problems with a single treatment plan. Don’t hesitate to contact our office online or call us at (805) 375-2233.

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Questions to Ask a Mercury Safe Dentist

As more patients become aware of the risks associated with mercury-based amalgam fillings, many of them are seeking biological dentists in Conejo Valley to see if their old amalgam fillings can be safely removed.

Questions to Ask a Mercury Safe Dentist

However, the amalgam-removal process is fairly complicated, and an inexperienced dentist can leave you more exposed to mercury since the drilling process releases some mercury vapor that can be inhaled and absorbed into your blood system. To develop some confidence in your dentist, you may ask these questions:

Is it safe to remove my amalgam fillings?

The decision whether to remove amalgam fillings or not is yours. However, an experienced biological dentist should inform you about the risks of these fillings if left in place, as well as the possible risks during removal and how he intends to mitigate them should you choose to proceed with the removal.

What safety tools and/or equipment do you use?

For successful amalgam fillings removal, you should ensure that your dentist has the necessary tools to perform a competent job. Some of the tools and equipment to look for include:

  • Rubber dam – this rubber sheet is placed on your throat to prevent the particles being removed from going down your throat
  • Powerful suction system – an efficient suction system with a specialized adapter is crucial to contain the amalgam particles and mercury vapor. It will prevent you from inhaling any toxic mercury vapor

Other equipment may be used to reduce mercury inhalation.

Can you give me a general overview of the amalgam fillings removal process?

Using proper technique is just as important as having the right equipment. For instance, it is recommended to use very thin bur and minimize the amount of drilling in order to reduce the amount of mercury and fine particles that may cause complications. In addition, the dentist should apply large amounts of water to the filling after removal to contain the fine particulate matter and mercury vapor, and also to cool the filling.

These questions will help you to find a truly biological or mercury-free dentist in Conejo Valley for the safe removal of your amalgam fillings.

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Choosing a Biological Dentist – Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a Biological Dentist, Newbury Park

How is a biological dentist different from a traditional dentist?

The difference between the two dental professionals depends on their approach to addressing a specific dental problem. While a traditional dentist would propose a treatment that seeks to resolve the symptoms of the dental problem, without necessarily considering its origin or the implications of the treatment on your general health, a biological dentist aims at resolving the dental problem in its entirety, from its origin to prevention so a similar problem doesn’t arise.

Dr. David Villarreal is a Certified Biological Dentist in Newbury Park, CA. Learn More »

Does your practice use safe, non-toxic materials?

Biological dentists are aware that anything that you put in your mouth has a direct or indirect impact on your entire body. They’re committed to using safe, biocompatible, and non-toxic products in your treatments. This means that they oppose the use of mercury-based, silver fillings, and even offer the safe removal of amalgam fillings to reduce exposure to the toxic mercury vapors.

Learn More About Amalgam Filling Removal in Newbury Park »

Do you test for biocompatibility?

Biological dentists recognize that there is a strong relationship between the mouth and the body. By taking into account that some patients may develop sensitivities to certain dental products, biological dentists perform biocompatibility testing, such as kinesiology (muscle testing) and blood test in order to determine the filling materials that won’t affect your health adversely.

Do you advocate for non-surgical dentistry?

While traditional dentists readily perform “drill and fill” dental procedures, biological dentists advocate for conservative, non-surgical, and minimally invasive dentistry, which seeks to address dental problems, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and even cosmetic issues without necessarily using procedures that harm healthy teeth and gum tissue.

What minimally invasive technologies do you use?

Most biological dentists use advanced technologies such as air abrasion or “drill-less” dentistry, which helps to treat the early stages of tooth decay without and to prepare teeth for restorations; ozone therapy, which uses water and oxygen to treat gum disease and oral infections; laser therapy to sterilize root canals and treat gum disease; and CAD/CAM technology to help make precise restorations.

The Biological Dentist Approach

At BioDental Healing, we take a biological approach, which is why we fully support the use of lasers in our practice as an effective way to assist and treat in dental procedures. We understand the intimate relationship between our biological systems and the mouth. It’s a complex relationship that must factor in timing, materials used, techniques used, and quantity of procedures performed in order to achieve the highest possible level of oral and overall health.

Do you have more questions about biological dentistry? Don’t hesitate to contact our office online or call us at (805) 375-2233.

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White Fillings, Tooth Colored Fillings (100% BPA Free)

When it comes to choosing a filling material to restore a broken or decayed tooth, many people prefer the virtually undetectable, tooth-colored composite fillings and other white, non-metal fillings over the traditional silver fillings. While aesthetics is an important consideration, you should also think about the biocompatibility of the material.

White Fillings, Tooth Colored Fillings (100% BPA Free)

Most dental filling materials contain a controversial chemical known as BPA, or Bisphenol A, which is found in plastics and has been associated with a number of detrimental health effects. Just like metals (mercury vapor in specific) are said to leach into the bloodstream over time, researchers have also found that there are some oral enzymes that cause BPA from composite dental fillings to leak into the bloodstream.

Getting 100% BPA Free Composite Restorations

If looking to fill a cavity or replace your amalgam mercury fillings with white, tooth-colored composite fillings, you should ensure that they don’t contain any BPA. Scientists claim that the BPA is released in abundance immediately after the filling has been placed, with only trace amounts being detected in the body after 24 hours.

Though the release of BPA in your bloodstream is not continuous, as is the case with mercury vapor, most health-conscious patients enjoy peace of mind knowing that their dentist has used the safest materials and treatment approaches possible.

Some of the benefits of BPA free composite fillings include:

  • Zero worries about toxic chemicals leaching into your bloodstream
  • Composite is virtually undetectable for a natural-looking smile
  • Composite is unaffected by temperature variations
  • Biocompatibility leads to the formation of natural bonds and stronger restorations compared to silver fillings

Biocompatibility Testing

Although there are some materials that are considered broadly biocompatible, and can be safely used on the vast majority of the population, each person is unique biochemically. Your dentist should test any dental materials against your blood serum to ensure biocompatibility, in addition to taking into account your own history of illnesses, environmental exposures, and medical and dental treatments, among others.

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Natural Ways to Improve Oral Healthcare

Your mouth is filled with microorganisms or bacteria, some of which are beneficial and aid in food digestion and protect your teeth and gums from harmful bacteria. The harmful bacteria, on the other hand, is responsible for nearly every oral health concern, including gum disease, cavities, and bad breath. There are natural ways to improve oral healthcare.

Natural Ways to Improve Oral Healthcare

Properly controlling the level of harmful bacteria in your mouth is key to ensuring optimal oral and general health. Allowing bacteria and plaque to build up in your mouth increases the risk of these microbes getting into your bloodstream, where they may aggravate conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, or induce low birth weight or bacterial pneumonia.

Improve Oral Healthcare Naturally

Fortunately, you can easily control the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth through a combination of good at-home oral care practices and regular dental visits and professional cleanings. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, there are a few other ways to improve your oral health, like:

Oil Pulling

This is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that involves a simple swish and swirl of coconut oil or another essential oil to draw toxins (plaque) from your oral cavity and spit them out with the oil. This promotes white teeth, fresher breath, and reduces the risk of gum disease and cavities while improving your general health.

Tongue Scraping

The tongue is often neglected when brushing and flossing your teeth, allowing food debris, dead cells, and bacteria to build up and move to your teeth and gums as soon as you finish cleaning your mouth. Consider cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper every day to reduce the level of bad bacteria in your mouth and, thereby, reduce the risk of gum disease, cavities, bad breath, and any adverse effects to your cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Benefits of a Natural Diet

To effectively improve your oral health holistically, you must also adjust your diet and lifestyle. Consider reducing the amount of sugary and acidic foods that you consume as they increase bacteria buildup and tooth erosion. Colored drinks, alcohol, and tobacco products might also stain your teeth and increase tooth wear, so they’re best avoided or used in moderation.

Visit a Biological Dentist in Newbury Park, CA

Looking for the best dentist in Conejo Valley? Dr. David Villarreal is the top rated dentist in Conejo Valley, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas. If you have any dental care need, contact us to request your appointment today.

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BioDental Healing is An Official Toys for Tots Drop-Off Location

This year our office has been selected as a drop-off site for Toys for Tots Program – a national program to collect, new, unwrapped toys and deliver them to the less fortunate.

Drop off your toy donations at our office Monday-Thursday anytime between 7:30am and 4:30pm. LAST DAY is December 7th.

Drop-off Location: 1000 Newbury Rd.; Ste. 250 Newbury Park, CA 91320.

toys for tots

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