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No-Mercury Dentist Newbury Park

The Elements of Mercury Safe Protocol

fluoride-free dentistry

Mercury doesn’t belong in your mouth

To ensure the safe removal of Amalgam Fillings, we use the following Mercury Safe Protocols


Intravenous Vitamin C is highly recommended for two reasons. First, Vitamin C acts as a mild chelate; that is, it helps remove mercury and other heavy metals from the bloodstream.

Secondly, it helps maintain of the body’s level of glutathione. By contrast, oral Vitamin C cannot be taken in high enough amounts to be effective, but what it can do is inhibit the action of the local anesthetic.


We utilize & situate a rubber dam in the mouth to isolate the teeth that are being worked on, and to prevent particles from entering the soft tissue of the mouth.


We utilize dental air vacuum suction throughout the procedure, with the nozzle positioned right by your mouth during removal. This creates a strong pull of air away from you, the doctor, and the assistant.

We also apply air vacuum suction behind the rubber dam to absorb any mercury gases that pass through the dam.


We provide a steady stream of oxygen for the patient with a barrier placed over the nose to eliminate the possibility of breathing in mercury vapor.


We completely drape the body and provide protective eyewear for the patient to prevent toxic materials from harming our patients


We utilize a mercury vapor ionizer to electrically neutralize the mercury gases in the air. Ionizers in every dental operatory room also aid in removing free radicals in the air.


Combining high-speed removal of amalgam with copious amounts of distilled water and suction help keep mercury vapor to a minimum.


Before placement of your new filling, we disinfect the entire tooth with ozone.


We have installed Solometex Hg5 in our plumbing system, which is an amalgam separator to protect our oceans and local water system.

Call (805) 375-2233 to schedule an appointment with a mercury-free dentist.

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Dental Cleanings in Newbury Park

Comfortable, natural oral care by a Registered Dental Hygienist

composite crowns

Dental cleanings are a regular part of any excellent oral hygiene program. At BioDental Healing we offer a natural dental cleaning that incorporates our philosophy on holistic dentistry by avoiding the use of toxic dental materials. Our dental cleanings include a dental examination as well as the possibility of dental x-rays if needed.

Dental examinations are an important part of the dental cleaning process. By simply viewing your mouth, the hygienist will be able to help you improve on areas that you may be lacking in such as brushing your back molars or reviewing your dietary habits. You are also screened for oral cancer during this time.

Dr. Villarreal will be happy to demonstrate proper techniques or answer any questions you may have in regards to dentistry during a dental examination.

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Teeth Grinding Dentist Newbury Park

Treating TMJ & Teeth Grinding with Non-Invasive BPA Free Dental Guards

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Grinding the teeth is an area of concern because if not treated may come with serious consequences to your teeth such as chips & cracks, tongue indentation, flattening of teeth, more frequent headaches, and you could even strip off enamel.

The night guards offered by BioDental Healing are both BPA and Phthlate free and provide maximum protection against teeth grinding. They provide a viable, non-invasive way of treating patients affected by TMJ.

To learn more about our treatment options for TMJ and/or teeth grinding, either call our office @ (805) 375-2233

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Safe Amalgam Filling Removal Newbury Park

Please visit our state-of-the-art facility in Newbury Park so we may discuss how to safely remove amalgam from your body. We look forward to hearing from you! You may also call us at (805) 375-2233

Don’t live with constant worry about the effects of mercury amalgam. Safe metal filling removal is imperative for preserving the health of both patients and practitioners! Also known as silver amalgam, mercury amalgam fillings are made up of almost 50% mercury—one of the most toxic substances known to man. Mercury vapors seep from these fillings 24 hours a day. The act of chewing triggers the release of even more of these toxic fumes.

Understand Why Amalgam Fillings Are Harmful

You don’t have to live like this—in fact, it’s essential that you don’t. The removal of mercury fillings, or amalgam, and other toxic metals from your mouth can reduce your chronic exposure to mercury vapor.

It also prevents exposure to the electrical currents that are created whenever the various metals in fillings and crowns make contact inside your mouth. There is growing agreement that these currents are potentially harmful, since they block the meridians and the bio-energetic fields of your body.

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Newbury Partial Dentures For Missing Teeth

Dr. Villarreal offers a metal-free alternative to replacing missing teeth in Newbury Park with removable partial dentures. Partial dentures are a great alternative because they consist of pink or gum-colored plastic bases with no use of metals because at BioDental Healing we do not believe any type of metal belongs in the mouth.

Partial dentures consist of a gum-colored base and natural-looking precision attachments or connectors that hold your dentures in place. A dental crown may need to be placed in order to improve the fit of your partial dentures.

Dr. Villarreal will work with you to develop a customized set of removable partial dentures that you’ll be pleased with.

To get started, schedule an appointment with Dr. Villarreal at (805) 375-2233 to see if you are a good candidate for removable partial dentures in Newbury Park, CA.

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Cosmetic Dentist In Conejo Valley

porcelain veneers

Happy mature older woman making dental appointment.

Thanks to advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, practitioners in Conejo Valley can improve your teeth and smile using quick, painless, and cost-effective treatments. These procedures can:

  • Improve or correct misaligned bites
  • Fill in unattractive gaps between teeth
  • Change the shape, size, and alignment of specific teeth
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Repair chipped, cracked, or decayed teeth
  • Replace old, worn-out dental treatments

Some of the things that we need to investigate include:

  • Whether you are hypersensitive or allergic to the material used
  • Your general health status – patients with a compromised immune system, for instance, may require stricter monitoring
  • The reason for tooth loss or damage – the original problem should always be addressed to avoid repeat incidents

With the right cosmetic biological dentist in Conejo Valley, cosmetic procedures like dental crowns, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and tooth bonding can result in a natural-looking restoration that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

Schedule your appointment at (805) 375-2233

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Biological Dentist Simi Valley

If you are in need of a dentist serving Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Newbury Park, Westlake Village and Agoura Hills, then BioDental Healing may be just what you are looking for.

As a leading provider of holistic dental practices, you can rest easy knowing that your dentist is working to minimize the amount of artificial numbing agents that are used during your procedure. At BioDental Healing you have a choice when it comes to your treatment options.

We are not like the majority of dentists in Newbury Park that simply use Novocain without consulting the patient. We consider every one of our patient’s needs.

Click here to view our dental services in Simi Valley and its sorrounding.

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Integrative Dentist in Newbury Park

best dentist in Conejo Valley

What is Integrative Dentistry?

Integrative dentistry is a new wave of dentistry that has been growing steadily. The 21st century has given modern-day dentists access to many high-tech tools that all seek to make dentistry both affordable, comfortable, and efficient.

While these perks are nice, they have all led to an out-of-focus paradigm: dentistry now focuses on the teeth without regard to the rest of your body. You’re probably familiar with this phrase: “Your mouth is connected to your body.”

Plenty of scientific research has been conducted to prove that statement true. We know this information, yet many dentists are still advocating the use of non-biocompatible materials such as amalgam in their approach to dentistry.

Integrative dentistry is a three-way dimensional relationship where the teeth meet the body, spine, and lower back. A biological or holistic dentist “integrates” all techniques learned to form a type of dentistry that focuses on:

  • Influencing the immune system in a positive manner.
  • Prevention of oral infection.
  • Nutritional support for maintaining proper oral health.
  • Energy imbalances to the whole body.

Want to know how an integrative dentist in Newbury Park can help you? Call  (805) 375-2233

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Dental Crown Replacement Newbury Park

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We Replace Old Crowns Using Non-Metal Materials

A crown is the top portion of the tooth that is visible to the eyes. Without the crown, a tooth would look unnatural and unappealing. However, they’re placed for more than just cosmetic reasons, but also functional reasons as well to make sure your bite is properly aligned.

Most people will have porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns in their mouth, as this was a popular choice for many years. However, technology has advanced over the years – eliminating the need for alloy-based metals or gold in the mouth. As holistic dentists, you can expect non-metal materials when obtaining your new crown from Dr. Villarreal.

Schedule a Crown Consultation with Dr. Villarreal Today!

If you are interested in replacing your metal crowns with non-metal replacements or you have a crown that has recently fallen out, broken, or needs to be replaced for any reason then please contact our holistic dental office @ (805) 375-2233. We will gladly discuss any concerns, questions, or inquiries you have.

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Thousand Oaks Dentist

If you need a dentist serving Thousand Oaks, then BioDental Healing is what you need. Dr. David Villarreal is a top-rated dentist in Conejo Valley, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks and its surroundings.

Why Choose Dr. David Villarreal

  • Top-rated dentist
  • Certified biological dentist
  • Easy to talk to
  • Compassionate and honest
  • Highly trained cosmetic and holistic dentist for children and adults
  • Passionate about providing you with quality dental care

amalgam filling removal newbury park

We are quickly becoming one of the most popular holistic dental practices in the area. At BioDental Healing you have a choice when it comes to your treatment options. Call us at (805) 375-2233

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