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The Benefits of P?r??l??n V?n??r? Biological D?nt??tr?

What is biological dentistry? It’? ??r? ?f the teeth ?nd gum? th?t t?k?? ?nt? ????unt th? w?llb??ng ?f the wh?l? body.

Dr. David Villarreal | Newbury Park, CA


P?r??l??n V?n??r? Biological D?nt??tr?

A gr??t d??l ?f latest r????r?h h?? ?h?wn the linking between your dental h??lth ?nd your ?v?r?ll ?t?t? of h??lth. F?r ?x?m?l?, ????l? w?th gum disease ?r? m?r? l?k?l? t? suffer fr?m h??rt glitches as w?ll.

Th? t??th ?nd gums ?r? ?xtr?m?l? ?m??rt?nt, n?t only f?r th? n?t????bl? t??k? th?? ??rf?rm, but also ?? shields ?f ??ur b?d?. Wh?n th?r? are ??nt?m?n?t??n? ?r other ?r?bl?m? ?n th? m?uth, th?? ??n ???n t? ?th?r ?r??? ?f the body. Th?? m?? n?t ???ur r?ght ?w??, but ?f you disregard your d?nt?l h??lth, ?v?r t?m? it can have a h?rmful ?m???t on ?th?r areas of ??ur body.

On? d?ff?r?n?? b?tw??n biological dentistry and conventional d?nt??tr? ?? the f??u? ?n n?tur?l ?nd n?n-t?x?? m?th?d? ?nd materials. F?r ?x?m?l?, there ?r? ?u?t? a f?w h??lth r??k? associated w?th th? use ?f m?r?ur? ?n f?ll?ng?, ??t many d?nt??t? ?t?ll use ?m?lg?m as a f?ll?ng, ?v?n though ?t contains m?r?ur?. A biological dentist n?t ?nl? d??? not use this t??? of m?t?r??l, h? ?r ?h? is l?k?l? t? r???mm?nd r?m?v?ng any ?u?h f?ll?ng? th?t ??u already h?v?.

Wh?r??? fluoride is w?d?l? b?l??v?d t? be beneficial f?r th? prevention ?f ??v?t???, many biological dentists ?u??t??n th??, and ???nt t? th? possible health r??k? ????d b? u??ng flu?r?d?, especially ?n th? dr?nk?ng water. Actually, th?? position is no l?ng?r as contentious ?? it once w??, ?? ?v?n some mainstream doctors and researchers ?r? n?w ?dm?tt?ng that flu?r?d? may be unsafe.

H?v?ng ??r??l??n v?n??r? ?v?r the ???r? h?? quickly brought a r?v?lut??n to th? world of d?nt??tr? ?nd th?ugh a bit ?x??n??v? ?t th? ?t?rt, in the l?ng run, ?t ?? a w?rthwh?l? ?nv??tm?nt f?r ??ur ?v?r?ll l??k.

A great smile r?fl??t? a 100% r?ng? ?f confidence. G?tt?ng ??r??l??n veneers f?x?d on your t??th is a decision you ??n never r?gr?t.

As a biological dentist, Dr. David Villarreal ?? concerned with the wh?l? person, wh??h includes your d??t, ??ur daily habits, ?nd even your ?m?t??n?l ?t?t?. Wh?l? ??nv?nt??n?l dentist t?nd? t? l??k ?t ???l?t?d ??m?t?m?, th? h?l??t?? ???r???h ???? ?v?r?th?ng as connected. In ??m? w???, m??n?tr??m medicine ?? b???m?ng more ?????t?ng of ?r??t???? ?u?h as herbalism, acupuncture, th? ?m??rt?n?? ?f nutr?t??n, th? l?nk b?tw??n ?tr??? ?nd ?h?????l health ?nd ?th?r ?d??? ?nd ?r??t???? previously considered “?lt?rn?t?v?.”

Biological d?nt?l ??r? ?? a combination ?f ?r?v?nt??n, ?r??t???ng g??d daily h?b?t? that k??? ??ur t??th ?nd gum? clean, ?nd finding th? r?ght d?nt??t wh? ?m?h???z?? holistic d?nt??tr?.

K??? ??ur m?uth healthy and ??v? on d?nt?l b?ll?! L??rn more ?b?ut the benefits of Biological D?nt??tr?.

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