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What’s the Best Drug? Exercise!

best drug exercise health benefitsThe New Year is officially here and we’re sure many of you have thought about exercising more and some of us have probably made this a New Year’s Resolution for 2017. Here’s a few things we have to say on exercise.

Exercise is a “Wonder Drug”.

Our diet is very important, but exercise is just as important for our body if we strive for excellent health. In the words of the British Academy of Medical Royal Colleges…

“Physical activity is important in the management of long-term diseases, but it is even more important in the prevention of many other common diseases. I believe that if physical activity was a drug it would be classed as a wonder drug….”

Let’s Take a Look at Science.

Science is fascinating, but the best thing about science is it gives us a basis to put our trust in. What does science say about exercise?

Well… science shows that getting the minimum recommended amount of exercise can reduce risk of dementia, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, depression, heart disease, and other chronic conditions by at least 30%.

Sure, but what’s the “minimum recommended amount of exercise” – that happens to be 5 days of exercise per week, for 30 minutes each session.

But wait, Exercise has more benefits…

Exercise happens to improve cardiorespiratory health (COPD), increasing the ability for exertion. Researchers have also found moderate improvements in peripheral vascular disease, offering more pain-free walking time and distance.

…of course there’s more…

Physical exercise has also been shown to improve cognitive function for both healthy adults and those with early signs of Alzheimer’s.

In short, exercise can improve your life overall. ☺

We Challenge You.

Did you know that, according to science, an estimated 80% of adults DO NOT meet the bare minimum of just two and a half hours of activity in a single week. Yes, you read that correctly the first time. Two and a half hours per week.


Well, we live busy lives and most of us simply don’t value exercise enough to care. But you don’t want to live a lifetime of regret so we encourage you to challenge yourself this year for the better. Seriously.

It All Starts with the 1st Step.

It’s the New Year so the fire is really burning hot & you need to keep that fire alive. Rather than sign up for a gym membership & burn out quickly because it’s too overwhelming, start out small.

Walk the dog, stand in front of a mirror and dance away with nobody looking, or try doing some sit ups & push ups – even if you struggle to do just 3.

The minute you get yourself into a routine, you’ll start to FEEL the results. And you’ll look in the mirror & even SEE the results. That’s the best feeling.

Exercise should be a lifelong commitment to the well being of your mind & body. But it’s one that will make you feel so good about yourself, you’ll be asking yourself…

“Why Didn’t I Do this Sooner?”

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