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Don’t Ignore Bleeding Gums!

bleeding gums causes treatmentHave you ever brushed your teeth, spit out the toothpaste and wondered why you saw trace amounts of blood? You aren’t alone. Many people have bleeding gums, but does that mean it’s normal? Absolutely is not. Blood presence is generally the body’s way of saying, “Hey, look, there’s a problem we have going on over here…”.

Bleeding is an inflammatory response, as your body is trying to fight off infection. In this case, infection of the gums. This issue, depending on how severe is known as gingivitis

Bleeding Gums is Often Overlooked

Unfortunately, bleeding gums seem to be an issue many overlook. Ignoring the issue could cause irreversible damage in the long run. So, as your holistic dentist in Newbury Park I am here to tell you why the issue might be occurring.

Causes of Bleeding Gums

1. Brushing Too Hard
One cause of bleeding gums is the simple fact that you may brush your teeth too hard. This can occur for a variety of reasons such as exerting too much pressure, having an old toothbrush with hardened bristles, or improper technique.

Does this mean I have an infection? Not necessarily. The key here would be to monitor how frequently the issue is occurring even despite making an attempt to correct it.

2. Diet

What you put in to your body certainly plays a role in periodontal disease. Processed foods are not nutrient rich choices and therefore do not allow the body to receive the necessary nutrients to keep our oral soft tissues well nourished. Gingivitis is considered an infection and our body’s ability to fight off infection is worse when our immune system is not up to par as a result from poor dietary habits.

3. Smoking
Whether it’s electronic or not, smoking allows many chemicals to enter the mouth that create the possibility for inflammation.

E-Cigs – Doing More Harm Than Good?

4. Stress
Stress has an unfortunate ability to rain havoc on our bodies and bring our immune system horribly down, making it very hard to fight off any problems that come our way – including periodontal disease.

5. Medications
Certain medications will have side effects that result in unfavorable circumstances. Many blood thinner medications may cause bleeding gums. If better oral hygiene does not help, then you may want to consult your doctor on the medications you’re taking.

6. Poor Oral Hygiene

This is the most likely cause of your bleeding gums. Failure to stay on track every day with brushing and flossing undoubtedly will lead to several problems within the doorway, with periodontal disease only being one of them.

How Bleeding Gums Are Treated

Despite the cause, treatment generally consists of a combination of oral home care and dentist intervention through the use of professional cleanings. A professional dental cleaning will help remove the hardened tartar and calculus that is likely responsible. Hygienists will also educate you on best practices at home to keep periodontal disease in check. Periodontal disease is a condition that, with serious effort made at home, may be reversed completely.

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