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BioDental Healing Urges Everyone to Stay Safe this Halloween!

halloween safety tips 2015Halloween is right around the corner and we wanted to make sure it’s both enjoyable for the parents & the children! October 31st lands on a Saturday this year, and to keep everyone safe from harm, we urge you to follow these tips set out by your holistic dentist, Dr. David Villarreal.

Halloween Safety Tips to Keep in Mind this 2015:

  • If you haven’t selected a costume yet, then we strongly urge you to choose one that is easy to spot and visible to drivers. Bright colors work well. You could also utilize reflective tape, stickers, or glow sticks.

  • Keep a flashlight handy with you – or utilize a flashlight app on your smartphone. If you do not have one, there are plenty of free ones on your app store.

  • Make sure you eat a healthy, filling meal before heading out for trick or treating – this will make sure you aren’t bothered by hunger.

  • Carry small, travel-size water bottles in your purse, pocket, or even in your pillowcase/candy bag.

  • Make sure you are in a group at all times – never stray away from the group.

  • Ignore any houses that do not have any lights on – this is a clear signal that they are not participating in the festivities this year.

  • When in doubt, toss it out. Inspect all candies you or your children receive for any harmful substances or objects. It’s a rare occurrence, but it can happen and it’s better to stay safe than sorry.

  • Set a time to return back to your house and make sure to stick to it. We recommend heading back no later than 10 P.M. to avoid wreck less drivers on the road from nightly activities.

  • Brush & floss your teeth after candy consumption to remove the small bits & pieces that become trapped in the mouth, which lead to decay.

Oral Health Concerns

Aside from these general safety tips, we wanted to remind you that candy (specifically sugar) is not a good mix with your mouth. It’s inevitable that a lot of candy will be consumed, but it can be managed well as long as you stay vigilant on the #1 thing all dentists stress.

Stressing the Importance of Brushing & Flossing

Absolutely do not fall asleep without brushing & flossing your teeth after candy consumption. This is because candies have a common tendency to become lodged or stuck in between your teeth and gums. The harmful bacteria feed off of these sugars, and this is what leads to decay.

happy-halloween-biodentalThe worst culprits are sticky (i.e. caramel) & hard candies. Try to avoid chewing on hard candies, but rather spend time sucking on them instead.

Follow our advice and you’ll be well on your way to a fun, safe Halloween this year!

Happy Halloween from the entire team @ BioDental Healing. ☺

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