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“Healthy Mind, Health Body” – An 8-Part Life Empowering Course


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 An eight-part course that will either positively change, or save your life!

Starting Monday September 11th.

Are you feeling energetic, alive and alert?

Has your health been optimal and vibrant?

If not, there’s a possibility that you may be unconsciously sabotaging your well-being. Our Healthy Mind, Healthy Body class is an eight-part course that will either positively change, or save your life!

We feel that information equals power, and information about self is empowerment. Are you feeling empowered in and with your body?          

If not, then maybe more cutting-edge information about this vehicle that carries you around is in order.

We are living in a different world than the one many of us baby boomers were raised in. Now there are more things that we should or should not be doing that are influencing how much energy we have, and our ability to fight off disease. If our system is compromised, we feel the effects of illness. What if there were basic things that you could do that would change all that?

This class is designed to give you the information that’s needed to make the educated decisions to own your optimal health.

This course will identify by body part, how our thoughts, feelings and actions can create illness. We will share and focus how to heal with new habits, constructive thinking, and effective power statements that will create greater health and vitality.

These classes are formatted in easy to understand language for everyone who attends. You will receive an extensive handout that coincides with the classroom power point presentation. Our goal is to make this interesting, and fun, while still being informative.

Each week we are bringing in the experts to share their knowledge and expertise. You’ll know more about how your body works than ever before, and during the eight weeks we will be so excited to watch you gain the energy and enthusiasm for life that you were born with.


Dr. David Villarreal presents “Healthy Mind, Health Body”

Dates: Monday’s from September 11th – Monday October 30th    

     7:30 till 9:00

Location: 28720 Roadside Drive, Suite 335 Agoura Hills 91301

Tuition: $40 per week or $280 paid up front (one free class)

For more information or to reserve a space, please contact:

Nick 818-865-8770

Audrey 818-665-6165 

Call now to reserve your space as seating is limited.

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