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Holistic Dental Advice to Live By this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here – trust us, we already have our eating shoes on. The pies, the slow-cooked turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauces… we’re ready to indulge. Of course, let’s not forget the football and time off from work. However, as a holistic dentist. I wanted to have you enter your Thanksgiving vacation with a few bits of helpful advice regarding all of the food as our office will be closed in case an emergency arises.

Meal Consumption
A very large majority of us can really pack down the food on Thanksgiving. Some of us even skip lunch to prepare for the barrage of food. We know it’s extremely tough to do, but you should seriously consider eating an appropriate portion of food instead of overloading. If you have to loosen your belt at all, then there’s a good chance you ate too much.

Quick tip:
Spread it all out. It helps to grab a little of everything offered and only grab what you know you can eat. It’s very easy to fall into the “my eyes are larger than my stomach trap”. It also helps to eat breakfast + lunch so you are not starving for dinner.

Watch for Bones
It’s obvious information, but reminders never hurt. That turkey you’re consuming was probably slow roasting for several hours to give it the flavor you expect. After the turkey is prepared and cooked, it has to be cut. The person cutting the meat may accidentally slice into the bone during the cut, or loose bones may be lingering around. Just be sure chew your food carefully and make sure you are aware of any bones.  

Get a Workout In
Most of us probably are not going in to work the day after Thanksgiving. Utilize this time off productively. Whether you overate or not, you should try your best to sneak in a workout. Start your New Year’s Resolution early, plus you’ll feel great about yourself. Take a family member or friend with you – this gives you more time to spend with them.
Above all, enjoy the time you have with your friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving from the team here at Centers for Healing!

Images provided by the Thanksgiving Gallery.

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