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3 Lifestyle Changes to Improve the Mind, Body, and Soul

lifestyle changes mind body balanceIf you aren’t aware by now, holistic dentistry is a specific type of dentistry that approaches your dental needs with your mind, body, and soul at the forefront.

Most of our actions that we partake in on a daily basis are so routine that we haven’t given much thought about them – that is, until the body responds in some way. Pain is often the signal that our body is trying to alert us. Unfortunately, this is what you call a reactive mindset in which we only react based on the consequences. Rather, it’s much better to adopt a proactive mindset in which you take necessary actions in preventing the consequences from even occurring in the first place.

Looking to start a proactive mindset? We’ll help you out by suggesting 3 lifestyle changes that will indeed improve your mind, body, and soul.

Improve the Mind, Body, and Soul for Better Health

1. Drink Water & Eliminate Sugar

It should almost go without saying, but it’s something we notice many people do not do enough of: limit their sugar intake & drink water.

Sugar is found in many different foods and in so many different forms (i.e. sucralose, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, etc.). Focus on more organic fruits & vegetables for sugar intake.

Water can be obtained in many different forms. We don’t recommend it, but if you have to drink from your tap, we highly suggest purchasing a filter. 8 cups of water per day is the recommended amount.

When we say drink more water, we also mean drink less of everything else, which includes soda and fruit juices.

2. Cultivate Loving Relationships

Not just with your spouse or significant other, but also with everyone around you: family and friends included. By cultivating loving relationships, you will find yourself a lot more positive and happier in general, which inevitably will translate into less stress!

Connections and social interaction are essential to lifelong happiness. As human beings, we are born to be social and in groups.

3. Breathe. Relax.

It’s a natural tendency for our brains to solve problems. Unfortunately, when no problems exist, we will inevitably create one in our minds. Our advice you to: Let go of your fears and just simply live. Breathe in, and breathe out.

Exercise, yoga, and meditation are great ways to re-gain control of your brain so you are not always in a constant state of problem solving.

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