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Video Showcases How Mercury Damages Neurons Under a Microscope

By now – you’re probably familiar with our strict notion on METAL DOES NOT BELONG IN THE MOUTH. Specifically we are referring to the mercury content commonly found in amalgam fillings (also known as silver fillings).

Ask yourself this: Would you ever consume metal?

As a whole substance, we’re guessing a very large majority of people would say no. However, most people have silver fillings in their mouth, which contain a fairly high level of mercury content, which seep into your bloodstream from the vapors fillings give off. Mercury is a known neurotoxin that serves no real purpose in the mouth.

What Does Science Show?

In regards to this matter, scientists from the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics have actually revealed neuron damage as a direct result of dental fillings found in the mouth. These results were found under a microscope with people who were suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. You may watch the video below.

Mercury Causes Neuron Degeneration*

Another Study on Damaging Effects of Mercury

There are many studies performed on the dangers of mercury, whether in dental filling form or from other forms and the result is always the same: there will be some sort of damage caused.

A Study Performed on Songbirds

We want to further direct your attention towards an older study performed by researchers from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. The researchers here studied the effects of industrial manufacturing residue on a type of bird that typically lived in forests. Their results were indicative of what you’d expect: the songbirds in the study suffered reproductive issues, brain abnormalities, and immune suppression from the exposure to mercury and other toxic chemicals as a direct result from the textile mills byproducts.

The Takeaway

Urban life is not much different as manufacturing is rampant in many parts of our country. It’s not just mercury to worry about, but all toxic chemicals that are produced as a result. The infamous “smog cloud” that hangs over Los Angeles is just one example of this. But that’s the air we breathe and there is a high chance that it will affect our body in some way at some point in our life.

*Video sourced from YouTube.

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