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Questions to Ask a Mercury Safe Dentist

As more patients become aware of the risks associated with mercury-based amalgam fillings, many of them are seeking biological dentists in Conejo Valley to see if their old amalgam fillings can be safely removed.

Questions to Ask a Mercury Safe Dentist

However, the amalgam-removal process is fairly complicated, and an inexperienced dentist can leave you more exposed to mercury since the drilling process releases some mercury vapor that can be inhaled and absorbed into your blood system. To develop some confidence in your dentist, you may ask these questions:

Is it safe to remove my amalgam fillings?

The decision whether to remove amalgam fillings or not is yours. However, an experienced biological dentist should inform you about the risks of these fillings if left in place, as well as the possible risks during removal and how he intends to mitigate them should you choose to proceed with the removal.

What safety tools and/or equipment do you use?

For successful amalgam fillings removal, you should ensure that your dentist has the necessary tools to perform a competent job. Some of the tools and equipment to look for include:

  • Rubber dam – this rubber sheet is placed on your throat to prevent the particles being removed from going down your throat
  • Powerful suction system – an efficient suction system with a specialized adapter is crucial to contain the amalgam particles and mercury vapor. It will prevent you from inhaling any toxic mercury vapor

Other equipment may be used to reduce mercury inhalation.

Can you give me a general overview of the amalgam fillings removal process?

Using proper technique is just as important as having the right equipment. For instance, it is recommended to use very thin bur and minimize the amount of drilling in order to reduce the amount of mercury and fine particles that may cause complications. In addition, the dentist should apply large amounts of water to the filling after removal to contain the fine particulate matter and mercury vapor, and also to cool the filling.

These questions will help you to find a truly biological or mercury-free dentist in Conejo Valley for the safe removal of your amalgam fillings.

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