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Introducing Our New “Spotlight Series”!

We’re introducing a new series – Spotlight Series – in which we’d like to give back to our patients by featuring the amazing holistic work they have accomplished. We have realized that many of our patients are doing great things to keep others informed!

This Month: Featuring Steven & Lisa Plog

Specifically, we’d like to feature an amazing couple this month – lovely patients @ BioDental Healing – who have shared their recent work with us. It was an excellent read that I would highly recommend you spend 2 minutes of your time to view their post below!

biodental healing spotlight series

View Their “Plog” Post Here

Browse Their Farmer’s Market!

Steven & Lisa Plog run a small, private Farmer’s Market known as “Our Little Market” in Pasadena, CA. We encourage you to see what goods they offer!

Learn how you can join their private Farmer’s Market!

You Can Steal the Spotlight, Too!

I’d like to personally invite you to share your blogs, websites, etc., that are holistic in nature – just as Steve & Lisa have! We would be delighted to have an opportunity to share your work with our community that is committed to practicing a holistic lifestyle.

How To Be Featured in Our Spotlight Series

To be featured in our new Spotlight Series, all you have to do is email us with your work. All we ask is for the work to be holistic in nature. That’s it!

Please email any submissions to:

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