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The Huggins Protocol – Why Mercury Amalgam Fillings Are Harmful And Should Be Removed

Mercury is a toxic substance that is known for its health effects on people of all ages. Exposure to this substance can have many adverse effects, some of which still aren’t understood. Although mercury is known for being toxic, this substance is still located in foods and different products. It’s important to be aware of what mercury is and how to avoid it so that it doesn’t affect your body.

One side effect of mercury exposure includes problems associated with the nervous system. Exposure to this toxic substance can lead to brain damage or nerve damage. This damage can become apparent in both physical and emotional disorders. Memory, thinking and even fine motor skills can become damaged due to mercury exposure.

Since mercury is so toxic, it’s important to avoid this substance when possible. Mercury is located in such household items as thermometers and fluorescent lamps. If these items were to break, the mercury could evaporate, contaminating the air you breathe and the objects you touch. Mercury can also be located in fish and shellfish that have been contaminated. Consumption of this, even in low quantities, can negatively impact people of all ages, but most specifically pregnant women.

Unfortunately, even if you avoid buying products containing mercury or you avoid eating fish and shellfish, you might still be exposed to mercury on a daily basis. What many people don’t know is that metal dental fillings contain large quantities of mercury. Dental amalgam, the material used for these metal fillings, contains different metals, half of which are mercury. This substance can slowly poison you as long as it is located in your mouth. The only way to avoid this is to have amalgam fillings safely removed and substituted with a safe dental material.

The Huggins Protocol

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