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Understanding Cholesterol – Why Do We Need It?

why do you need cholesterol in your dietCholesterol is much more present in our daily lives than we’d like to admit. In fact, with just that sentence, you’ve probably started wondering what products you’ve consumed throughout your day that contains cholesterol or high fats and how it will affect you. Overtime, we have developed a sort of mistrust when it comes to discussing anything related to cholesterol. This fear has turned a large percentage of people to live in denial, accusing heart disease solely on cholesterol instead of an unbalanced diet / habits. When in fact, cholesterol is actually essential to any diet if consumed moderately.

So, You’re Wondering Why You Need Cholesterol?

When we said you actually NEED cholesterol, we meant it. Not only is it a vital element for your neurological functions such as memory, but it also helps produce cell membranes, hormones and vitamin D. Having a balanced diet that involves the appropriate amount of cholesterol will actually benefit your body by helping to produce bile acids that help you digest fat.

Cholesterol and Heart Disease Risk is Actually Unrelated

We’ve all experienced fear, especially when it’s anything related to our health. Which is only normal to become defensive over subjects we know so little about, which is probably how it led people to believe that cholesterol levels can actually determine heart risks. There is actually no direct correlation between the two. It is usually a combination of lifestyle, habits and overall diet.

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It is highly recommended that anyone over the age of 20 to have their cholesterol tested once every five years. The average levels in cholesterol should be less than 200 mg/dL but should not exceed 300 mg/dL, according to The American Heart Association.

The Hidden and Dangerous Truth

There’s a whole industry that’s taking advantage of people’s fear of cholesterol. Constantly promoting these myths on cholesterol – lowering drugs, which are honestly causing more harm than good. Just remember that your body actually needs cholesterol to thrive, including cells essential to the functionality of your brain.

Research shows a connection between aggression and low cholesterol levels. Anyone experiencing cholesterol levels below 150 are prone to depressive symptoms. This may be because, like we mentioned before, cholesterol affects hormones and your metabolism. This could result in an unbalanced level of serotonin, a substance involved in regulating your mood.

Final Note

Remember that with anything, thorough research is key. Before considering or purchasing any cholesterol-lowering drugs, consult with a specialist regarding the subject.

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