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Diet Soda, Fat Consequences

diet soda dental healthOne of the most distinguishable characteristics that can lend to good networking, building solid relationships, confidence and overall success is a person’s smile. It helps strengthen the image you project, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the best things in life. It’s almost startling to think of having that part of you unconsciously destroyed by being unaware of the side-effects that diet soda may cause on your teeth.

The Truth Behind Diet Soda and Your Teeth

Diet soda, the popular syrup-infused and sparkling drink, has been found to cause major decay on your pearly whites. Professional studies have suggested that drinking diet soda can affect teeth as if the person had an addiction to methamphetamine or crack cocaine. It is difficult to believe that up until now, we are discovering that diet soda is one of the worst drinks for your teeth.

In the past you’ve probably came across beauty blogs or magazines trends that involved ‘washing your teeth with pop’. The reality of these articles are nothing more than misunderstood (misused) information. It’s important that we are aware that diet soda is not actually better for your teeth but worse.

The Real Ingredients and How They Affect You

The main culprits here are aspartame and glutamate. These two ingredients are known as exogenous excitotoxins, which are toxins ingested from outside the body that result in neurotoxicity and cell death. When these ingredients are ingested, they are absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly and are carried to brain cells, which excite the cell until it dies. The effects of diet soda take years until alarming symptoms begin, that is why it is better to stop while you are ahead.

Detailed Dangers of Diet Soda

Replacing Diet Soda with Alternatives

Part of the reason why diet soda is popular is because of it’s sought after carbonation. The great news is that there are plenty of diet soda alternatives for those who need their carbonation fix. Mineral water is a great alternative, as it is natural and even bottled at the source. Club soda and seltzer water are also great alternatives. All 3 of these options are essentially water with added carbonation. They lack the flavor component that diet soda offers, but they are far better for your oral and overall health.

Talk to a Professional for further assistance on the maintenance of your teeth.

Diet soda is just one of many diet components that you should be weary of. Marketers love to use the word “diet” on their products with the false belief that you are doing your body a favor. With all this to say, there are diet options that do bring health benefits to the table as opposed to their non-diet counterparts.

dr-villarreal-nutrition-counselingDr. David Villarreal offers nutritional counseling in Newbury Park for those looking to make lifestyle changes centered around their diet. Not only will his advice help you lose weight, but will also kickstart your health by increasing your stamina, energy, focus, and self-esteem.

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