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Minty But Deadly: Exactly What’s in Mouthwash?

all natural mouth rinse

Dr. Villarreal’s all natural solution.

For many of us, especially in big cities, being surrounded by hundreds of people every day starts to unconsciously influence our behaviors and routines. This usually takes form in simple tasks, and as insignificant they may seem at first, they could end up being deadly.

Take your morning routine for example, some of us grew up practicing being ‘an adult’ in front of a mirror and pretending to be like mom or dad. Many of the small patterns we started to innocently pick up, have somehow influenced how we understand health today. Under that same admiration for our parents, we acted without questioning. We found ourselves one morning, in the midst of our daily mouth rinse and wondered, what’s in this stuff anyways?

Usually mouthwashes are an antiseptic solution, which is commonly used to reduce bacterial load or to help ease inflammation, prevent bad breath and keep your mouth moisturized, but the problem with most mouthwashes today are they have a tendency to dry your mouth out and leave you with a weird, nasty feeling.

So… Exactly What’s in Mouthwash?

In a recent study, both minor and significant side effects have resulted due to these commercial mouthwashes. Many brands contain alcohol, giving you a case of dry mouth and minor other discomforts.

If you research the ingredients behind some of the biggest names in the industry, you’d be surprised at how this can STILL be allowed. These ingredients may cause long-term consequences, allergic reactions, and even heart attacks:

  • Alcohol
  • Fluoride
  • Food coloring
  • Artificial flavors

Dr. Villarreal’s All-Natural Solution

Fortunately enough, for all of the health-conscious consumers, Dr. Villarreal has taken it upon himself to design & develop a product that is unlike the popular, brand names that feature ingredients most likely doing more harm, than good.

Estrella All-Natural Mouth Rinse with HerbalBrite (made exclusively by Dr. Villarreal)

Remember that holistic dentists can help point you to the natural ingredients and solutions that are best for your mind, body, and soul.

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