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Metals Used in Dentistry: The Possibility of Allergic Sensitivity

allergic sensitivity dental materialsIt is not uncommon to find someone who is allergic to metal in some way. These people often have to be very cautious of what they put in and on their body. Most of us will not put any type of metal in our body, unless it’s related to dentistry – as metal materials are still commonly used today.

In dentistry, there are a few sources of metal that may be present in the dental materials that have been applied to your mouth for either cosmetic or functional restoration purposes:

  • Mercury used in amalgam fillings
  • Cadmium from dentures
  • Nickel used in dental crowns and dentures
  • Beryllium used in dental crowns
  • Titanium from dental implants
  • Nickel used in orthodontic appliances

Children have been found to be more sensitive to the effects of mercury than adults, which has propelled further research into the discussion of low-level mercury exposure and its risks for fetuses, breast-fed infants, and children.

What Does the FDA Say?

The FDA’s statement regarding sensitivity and the use of mercury.

“Some individuals have an allergy or sensitivity to mercury or the other components of dental amalgam (such as silver, copper, or tin). Dental amalgam might cause these individuals to develop oral lesions or other contact reactions. If you are allergic to any of the metals in dental amalgam, you should not get amalgam fillings. You can discuss other treatment options with your dentist.”

BioDental Healing does not advocate the use of metal fillings. We encourage all of our patients to remove and replace any metal, amalgam fillings with more conventional options such as composite resin. We elect not to use amalgam fillings based on multiple studies that have shown its adverse effects on the body as a whole. Dr. Villarreal has removed and replaced over 20,000 mercury fillings at his holistic dental practice located in Newbury Park.

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