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Benefits of Biological Dentistry

With more patients becoming aware of the benefits of dentistry for the whole body, biological dentistry is becoming a more widely accepted dental practice. Biological dentistry combines the techniques used in traditional dentistry with a focus on using non-toxic dental materials. This technique is based on the belief that dental toxins can affect your overall health.

biological dentistry

Why Choose a Biological Dentist?

At our biological dentistry practice, Dr. Villarreal provides patients with compassionate care to meet their unique dental needs.  By visiting our dentist in Newbury Park, you will have all the advantages of traditional dentistry without harmful toxins.  We take significant measures to ensure every material we use is compatible with the body’s natural chemistry.  For instance, by using biocompatible materials, our staff can help you find relief from severe tooth decay without adding damaging toxins to your body.  Additionally, Dr. Villarreal is one of the top biological dentist known for the safe removal of toxic metals that have been used during previous dental treatment, including amalgam fillings. In short, when you visit our dental practice, you can trust that we will professionally care for your dental needs. Our dentists will always be mindful of how procedures affect your body.

Schedule Your Biological Dentistry Visit

Dr. Villarreal strives to help all his patients have healthy and beautiful teeth.  It is his passion to help patients understand the connection between their oral health and overall wellbeing. To learn more about how biological dentistry can improve your health, schedule your appointment by calling 805.375.2233.

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