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What is Integrative Dentistry?

Integrative dentistry is a new wave of dentistry that has been growing steadily. The 21st century has given modern-day dentists access to many high-tech tools that all seek to make dentistry both affordable, comfortable, and efficient.

While these perks are nice, they have all led to an out-of-focus paradigm: dentistry now focuses on the teeth without regard to the rest of your body. You’re probably familiar with this phrase: “Your mouth is connected to your body.”

Plenty of scientific research has been conducted to prove that statement true. We know this information, yet many dentists are still advocating the use of non-biocompatible materials such as amalgam in their approach to dentistry.

Integrative dentistry is a three-way dimensional relationship where the teeth meet the body, spine, and lower back. A biological or holistic dentist “integrates” all techniques learned to form a type of dentistry that focuses on:

  • Influencing the immune system in a positive manner.
  • Prevention of oral infection.
  • Nutritional support for maintaining proper oral health.
  • Energy imbalances to the whole body.

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