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Tooth Decay Treatment Newbury

At Biodental Healing in Newbury Park & Conejo Valley, we focus on understanding and treating the underlying causes of your dental and oral problems to help you achieve a healthy mouth and a healthy life.

Our biological principles involve

  • Avoidance and/or the removal of dental infections or toxins from dental materials
  • Proper nutrition to facilitate the prevention and possibly the reversal of degenerative dental disease
  • Prevention and treatment of bite problems, malocclusion, and physical imbalance of the jaws and your body
  • Prevention and/or removal of electromagnetic (energetic) disturbances
  • Tackling issues pertaining to stress, breathing, lifestyle, sleep, and posture

We treat tooth decay without using harsh materials or chemicals that can adversely affect your health. Please contact Biodental Healing at (805) 375-2233 for more information, and to book an appointment.

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