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What’s Wrong With Amalgam Fillings?

According to the FDA, Dental amalgam contains elemental mercury. It releases low levels of mercury in the form of a vapor that can be inhaled and absorbed by the lungs. Under their standards, dental amalgam poses potential health risks.

Why We Never Use Amalgam:

Amalgam fillings cause unnecessary exposure to the electrical currents that are created whenever the various metals in fillings and crowns make contact inside your mouth. There is a growing agreement that these currents are potentially harmful.

Amalgam Harms the Environment.

A large majority of dental contamination comes from the use of mercury. Mercury occurs naturally as a sulfide and in many different minerals. It is estimated that roughly 20,000-30,000 tons of mercury are expelled into the environment as waste as a result of daily human activities every year. When it comes to amalgam dental filling placement, roughly 46% of the amalgam is used while the rest is waste. *

We have implemented a very high-tech device into our plumbing system known as the Solometex Hg5, which is capable of amalgam separation to prevent it from reaching local water systems and the ocean after removal from your mouth. This is all part of our commitment to practicing Mercury Safe Protocol.

Please visit our state of the art facility in Newbury Park so we may discuss how to safely remove this toxic material from your body. We look forward to hearing from you!

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