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Advantages of visiting your dentist every six months – Newbury Park Dentist

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If you care about your oral health, you have probably heard about the importance of visiting your dentist every six months for thorough, professional teeth cleaning and a dental checkup.

A dental exam from a biological dentist like Dr. Villarreal is the best way to detect any oral problems in their early stages, and introduce an appropriate treatment to keep them from developing into major problems that adversely affect your general health and increase your treatment costs.

Typical Dental Exams Involve:

  • Checking for stains on your teeth
  • Assessing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Diagnostic x-rays to check for tooth decay, cysts, tumors, tooth position, and bone loss
  • Checking the condition and fit of any restorations or prosthetic replacements – veneers, dentures, implants, crowns, bridges
  • Assessing your entire mouth – lips, cheeks, roof and floor of the mouth, jaw, neck for any problems
  • Checking for oral cancer
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