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Best Fluoride Free Dentist In Newbury Park, CA

At BioDental Healing, we operate differently from the traditional Western dentist that accepts the use of fluoride in their work.

Dr. Villarreal, does not advocate, promote, or use fluoride in any of our work.

Why No Fluoride?

While fluoride has been continuously approved for use by the CDA and ADA, this does not mean it has no chance of damaging your body in some way. Large-scale studies have shown consistent high dose fluoride ingestion is linked with:

  • Brittle bones and enamel
  • Dental fluorosis
  • Hip fractures
  • Cancer
  • Kidney stones
  • Lower IQ in children

As for fluoride effectiveness in tooth decay prevention – the studies that have been performed on this subject matter were not randomized, controlled, or blinded studies. They have failed to show any significant reduction in preventing tooth decay.

The best fluoride free dentist in Newbury Park, CA, Dr. Villarreal, invites you to experience a new, fresh take on dentistry – an experience that will leave you feeling great, with your body thanking you along the way. Call (805) 375-2233

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