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What is Conscious Sedation In Dentistry?

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Conscious sedation in dentistry is exactly as it sounds: a sedative used to relax you, but you’re still conscious of what’s going on around you – including verbal cues which are important for communication with our dentist, Dr. David Villarreal.

The medicine used to relax you is administered either orally or through the use of a controlled IV (i.e. through a vein). Most people generally refer to have it administered orally, but IV conscious sedation offers more control.

We offer conscious sedation for those who request it here at our holistic dental practice located in Newbury Park. Dr. Villarreal will always give you the option, unless you require a procedure where it becomes necessary.

Conscious sedation is a very safe and effective procedure and is an excellent option for:

  • Those who develop anxiety from the dentist.
  • Amalgam filling removal – upon request.
  • Minor surgical procedures such as dental implants.

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