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Natural Dental Cleanings in Newbury Park

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Dental cleanings are a regular part of any excellent oral hygiene program. At BioDental Healing, we offer a natural dental cleaning that incorporates our philosophy of holistic dentistry by avoiding the use of toxic dental materials. Our dental cleanings include a dental examination as well as the possibility of dental x-rays if needed.

Our natural dental cleanings help you maintain your oral health by providing a solid defense against oral cancer, gum disease, and plaque – which happens to be the root cause of many dental problems associated with our teeth and gums. Natural dental cleanings differ from traditional dental cleanings in the sense that.

Dental examinations are an important part of the dental cleaning process. By simply viewing your mouth, the hygienist will be able to help you improve on areas that you may be lacking in such as brushing your back molars or reviewing your dietary habits.

For more information on the natural dental cleanings we offer, then don’t hesitate to give us a call @ (805) 375-2233

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